V.C.D Journal –

Our vegetable

All VCD vegetables were destroyed by the flood in 2011 but VCD team did not give up. We have plan to do it again in the better way. We will build the compose fertilizer for our vegetable and grow it in the better way. Moreover, we will build the fence and hill land for protecting our vegetable from the cow and the flood.
(Thursday 03rd May 2012, by VCD Team)

This is an account of the work we do and the lessons we are learning step by step.

Member Motivation 

All our team members have to provide energy, ideas, resources, and time to make VCD function. Therefore, the team dynamic is very important to our success. During Khmer New Year in 2011, we took the children on a trip to Angkor Wat. The goal of this trip was to improve the relationships between the youth from the different villages, while also giving them a chance to see a national symbol. We cooked together, and after lunch we played many traditional Khmer games. The children bonded through the games, village differences put aside. People walking by joined in as well, creating a festive atmosphere and showing the children the benefits of cooperation. We then held a team meeting. Most of our members were proud of the work they were doing and eager to do more.

When we got back to our community everyone put even more energy into our work.

team building on the trip

(updated and edited by Kurt Pianka, July 1, 2011)


One Response to V.C.D Journal –

  1. Kent Hill says:

    It was wonderful to be with you today. I love the model house you gave me today, October 12th. Thanks so much. I will take it home on the plane to the United States.

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