A common sight in every village used to be the random rubbish all over the paths. VCD decided to make rubbish bins from old bags and collect the garbage.

We taught our English students the importance of keeping a clean environment, and taught them a new game, “Pick up the Rubbish”. In just a few days the villages were clean, and the villagers have taken responsibility for maintaining it.

Trash disposal is both an environmental and a health issue. What to do with waste is a problem throughout the world. Many communities simply burn it, negatively impacting the environment.

(updated and edited by Kurt Pianka, July 1, 2011)


2 Responses to Environment

  1. channeang says:

    oh… That’s so great that all kids now through rubbish to bin like this 🙂

  2. Vy Chantrea says:

    I was so exited to know about this program! It’s so good.

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